Big Hand People

Information for Artists

Big Hand People pride themselves on providing the best entertainers money can buy. To achieve the highest standards we rely on building excellent working relationships with our performers. This is one of the reasons Big Hand People does not charge performers for inclusion on our website or our brochure, unlike many other entertainment agencies. The artistes who win our bookings are picked on their own merits and we promote only those who meet our high standards.

We have dealt with thousands of performers over the years and know what makes an act a success. Originality and talent are essential, but above all else, we and our clients value a professional attitude. That means turning up on, or before time for a job. It means every aspect of the act, from the costume, to the publicity, to the way you behave in your break times should be seen to be professional. We want to get you as much of the best work we can find. If you look after our jobs and protect our interests when on an assignment we will always be keen to promote your act in the future.

We are always looking for new and innovative acts. If you think you have what it takes to be considered for inclusion on our database please complete the following form:


Please let us know if there are any performances coming up where we can see you actually working. When we contact you we will require a good quality colour photograph and a demo CD/DVD/video if available.

As a performer you will be required to abide by our terms and conditions and our performance guidelines. A full set of terms and conditions will be supplied on your artist’s contract.

We pay our artists as soon as we have been paid by our clients. Please submit an invoice after you have completed your engagement and post to the office address. You will be paid as quickly as possible.

On your invoice we need you to include:

  • Our contract reference number
  • Your Invoice number
  • The date and location of the job
  • Your National Insurance number or Unique Tax Reference number
  • Your current postal address
  • If you are charging VAT on the invoice then your VAT number

Invoices without these references are likely to be returned to you unpaid for re-issue.

The way we like to work is as follows…

We will submit your photographs for consideration to potential clients. If the client is interested we will call you to pencil you for the date in question. We would like you to hold the pencil for us until we either confirm or cancel the enquiry. We consider therefore that you will be holding that date for Big Hand People and that if you get another enquiry for the same date that you will give us priority.

If you do get another enquiry for the same date then please call us to confirm that you can be released. We will at that stage either call the client to check the booking or if we know already we will immediately release you. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Once you have been verbally confirmed by Big Hand People then you will receive a contract giving you the exact details of the booking. As we wait for our clients to return their contracts there may be a small delay before you receive your contract. Please do not think that this means that your booking is not definite. Please call to check if you have not received your contract within two weeks of your verbal confirmation.

We hope that you enjoy working for Big Hand People. We enjoy having reliable and dedicated professionals working for us and pride ourselves on the reputation that our wonderful artists have helped us build. We look forward to receiving your details.